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Q:  What are your fee's?
A:  American Cosigners fee's charges $300hr billed against one months rent or higher based upon risk factors along with a legal fee of $565 along with background check fee of $29.99.    

Q:  Is there any upfront fees to get started?
A:  Yes, you will be required to pay a $29.99 background check fee, paid to a third party services contracted with transunion credit agency, which included a copy of your credit report, eviction reports.

Q:  How do we pay the fee?
A: All fee are paid by renters are paid by Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers or by mailing of Certified Funds.

Q: ​​I have an eviction is there additional cost?
A:  For standard cosigning services without any evictions the fee is standard stated above.  if you have more than 1 eviction,  additional fee's pay apply as risk fee listed below.

Eviction Risk Services

  • 1 Eviction listed in your credit report?  Our cosigners charge a cosigning fee of a month and a half, plus a legal fee.
  • 2 Evictions listed on your credit report?  Our cosigners charge a cosigning fee of two months rent plus a legal fee
  • 3 Evictions listed on your credit report?  Our Cosigners charge a cosigning fee of three months rent plus a legal fee
  • More than 3 evictions?  Decline of Services:  If you have more than three evictions listed in your credit report, we can not provide services. 

​Lease Approvals

Q: How do I know when I am approved, will I have to pay the fee prior to approval with your company?
A:  Prior to collecting your fee,  a service  cosigning leasing representative will phone you by phone to asked underwriting questions concerning your employment and income, and additional,  if you qualify by phone, you will receive a pre-approval or decline of services before your payment.   

Lease Signing

Q:  I have children over 18 years old do they have to be listed on the lease? A Yes, all occupants over 18 years of age must be on the lease agreement with the community.

Q:  Who signs the lease with the community?
A:  Our corporate cosigning partnerships who qualify for the apartment for the renter, signs leases for occupants.

Services Guarantee 

Q:  Do you provide Refunds?

A:  American Cosigners warrants its work with renters and services are guaranteed after pre approval. 

Q:  Are you guys licensed and bonded?
A:  Yes, we are incorporated, licensed and bonded through insurance company with a good rating with BBB


Q: I have an animal would I have to pay for pet deposit also?

A: Yes if your dog is not register as an emotional support animal,  to register your animal  please visit

Legal Ramifications

Q:  I read a bad remark about your company on rip off report is that valid?
A:  American Cosigners service all renters who qualify for apartment cosigning services however occasionally we run into bad renters.  Who do not read our agreements, who do not allow us to finish the process within the 10-day required time, that cause problems for our firm, and will right bad remarks.   Any statements you have read about our company, on rip off reports is NOT a valid complaint.  We are aware of the bogus complaints written and have filed a lawsuit against the person named Melinda Krejci for making false accusations on the internet against our firm.    It is our understanding Melinda Krejci is an occultist, with psychological problems, who intentionally target companies and professionals, to create havoc.    Melinda Krejci is being sued for $15M by American Cosigners and all partnership Corporations associated with American Cosigners for defamation, libel and slander.   American Cosigners will file $100k lawsuits against renters who signed our documents and refuse to follow procedures concerning our services, that write bogus information about our company. 

Please note:  American Cosigners Corporation reserves the Right to file lawsuit suits up to $100,000 against fraudulent Renters, whose write fraudulent accusations against our company that is not warranted or false, who Defame, Slander, on social media's websites and Internet Search Engines.  At time of issuing of Judgement by the judge of the Courts?  We will garnish bank accounts, employment wages, against properties, vehicles to satisfy judgement!   

American Cosigners 

American Cosigners 

American Cosigners 

American Cosigners Services​​​​​​

​Q:  What services do you provide?
 American Cosigners, provides cosigning consulting services to credit challenged renters seeking apartment living, single family living or high rise luxury living.

Q:  How does this service really work?
We qualify renters to receive cosigning services through nationwide cosigning partnerships.  

Q:  What are your cosigning procedures?

A:  You must Apply for Services online, once we receive your online application,  we will forward you cosigning rental application & background check form.  Once we receive we will process your application to receive cosigning services, you will receive either decline or pre approval in your email box. At time of pre approval you will be required to pay legal fee $565,  to allow our submittal team to obtain a full approval with the community within 24-72 hours.  Once we receive the full approval,  renter is required to pay full cosigning fee equal to one months rent or greater depending on the risk. 

Q:  What are the cosigning requirements?
You must be gainfully employed or you must provide financial capability to qualify for the lease, You must provide three bank statements, a valid ID, you must pass a background check, be finger printed at one of our approved agencies located in your city and state.

Q:  What if I have a new Job?
We require a letter of verification of employment from your current employer.

Q:  I am a foreigner without a social security number in the US, can I still qualify for your services?
Yes, you must have a current US Visa, you must provide bank statements to verify your income, you must be finger printed, you must pay six months rent payments upfront paid to the cosigner

Q:  I am on disability; do you guys offer cosigning services for those on permanent disability?
A:  Y
es, if your disability income is $3500 a month or more  

Q:  Do I need to locate the apartment or single family, before I come to you guys for services?
You may select your own residence, or we can assist you with finding your new home using our database.
Q: If I find my own apartment, what do I tell the community?
Once you find your new home, you must notify us, and our cosigners will contact the community on your behalf. 

Q:  What kind of residence do you guys offer cosigning services for? 

A:  Apartment communities, single family,  high rise living.

Q:  What is your turn around to get qualified for cosigning services. 

A:  The process take 10 days from the time we receive your finger prints back.

Q:  Do I need to visit the community, fill out their rental application, and get turned down before you can assist me with cosigning services? 

A:  No, the procedure is, that you must qualify for cosigning services with our firm, before we can engage with helping you secure an apartment.  Once you have qualified for services, we will assist you with finding your new home.

Q:  How long does this process takes?
To obtain cosigning services, the process takes 10 days from date of your application sent.

Q: What type of leases are these?
American Cosigners offers Cosigning Services,  Personal Guarantee and Corporate Guarantee services.

Q:  Am I listed on the lease?
Your name is listed on the rental application and the lease with the cosigner as the occupant. 
Q:  Do I pay the application fee and hold deposit first with the apartment community, prior to using your services?

A:  No. You must qualify for cosigning services firsthand, once you pay the consulting fee, it is our cosigner that will sign your lease on your behalf.  
Q:  Do I also have to pay the apartment community, application fee, first months rent, security deposit, and cosigning fee's?

A:  Yes, you would need to pay your first month rent, and security deposit with the community in addition to paying cosigning consulting fee's.  

Q: Do you guys have a physical address?

A:  American Cosigners is a franchised corporation with private owners who run individuals partnership offices. Mailing addresses are inserted in all documents at time of services.

Q:  I have an ideal apartment in mind that I would like to live? How long is the process? 

A:  The process to move into the any apartment community is 10 days from the time we receive your written application.   When selecting apartment communities, we encourage all renters to select apartments for their move in, any event your ideal becomes unavailable. 



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