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My Job relocated me to Dallas Texas, I came across American Cosigners online, and there services was easy than 1-2-3. Filled out there online application, paid the fee, and I was in my apartment home within 72 hours. One of the best cosigning companies I have ever came across. Letricia Hills- 2017

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Yawl, this is a good a?? company, shall helped me and my kids secure a place like that.  This service is the bomb for reals.   Me and my kids were homeless living in a motel, and couldn’t take the entire drug trafficking and other.  I prayed to god, to just to find us a place to live, I found American Cosigners, and they moved us in within 72 hours.   Tanisha Clark 2014


john williams from california
pamela smith from maryland
shane richards from washington dc


I came across American Cosigners by word of mouth.  When they started asking for fee’s, I was nervous as hell but we had bad credit and could not lease anywhere in Orange County California.   I knew that I had to do something or me and my family was just going to be homeless.  I finally broke down and paid all their fees, and lord behold, we were in our new home in less than 72 hours.  Thank GOD, there is a company out here to help people.  
​John Williams- 2014


I saw this service on a TV Commercial Advertisement. I needed to move badly, myself, children and husband lived with my Mother and she wanted us out.  We applied everywhere and got turn down for an apartment; we paid out over $200 for application fees, and were turned down each and every time.   I saw American Cosigners on TV Commercial, and called the number, they took my information by phone, I paid there cosigning fee’s, and we were in our new home within 72 hours.  I recommend this service to all renters seeking a place to live.  
​Pamela Smith- Tenant 2014

I live in Washington DC and myself and wife could not qualify for an apartment, we found American Cosigners online, and the process was painless, we were in our apartment in 72 hours, just like they told us.  Shane Richards- Tenant 2014

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I was living was living in a motel with my kids when I was seeking a place to live, I tried to have my mother in law co-sign for me and although she lived in Balboa Island she was turned down from leasing an apartment on my behalf because of her high debt ratio.  We prayed for 3 weeks for god to help us because we were practically homeless without any help from anyone, I had no one to turn too. I came across American Cosigners  on Google, and they rented us apartment within 2 hours on weekend.  I never been so pleased and happy now me and my children can go home. Sarah Scott- Tenant 2014


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